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    Software Is Eating the World

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  • Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company


    This is an abbreviated version of a presentation I gave live at the a16z Summit in November 2019. You can watch a video version on YouTube. In the not-too-distant future, I believe nearly every company will derive a significant … The post Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company appeared first on An...

  • Inside-Out vs. Outside-In: The Adoption of New Technologies


    There are broadly two adoption paths for new computing technologies: inside-out and outside-in. Inside-out technologies are pioneered by established institutions and later proliferate outward to the mainstream. Apple (followed by Google and others) pioneered the modern touchscreen smartphone, univer...

  • Investing in WorkBoard


    Running a business is hard — there are many things a team could be doing, but only a small number they should be doing. Organizations waste a lot of mental calories figuring out where to focus and trying to track … The post Investing in WorkBoard appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

  • The Promise of Cloud-Native Games


    Much of the buzz around cloud gaming has centered on its potential to “kill the console”—to remove the need for local hardware to play games. But the ongoing focus on hardware fails to grasp cloud gaming’s true potential. The real … The post The Promise of Cloud-Native Games appeared first on Andree...

  • Why We’re Investing in EQRx


    “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” —William Osler, Founding Professor, Johns Hopkins Hospital Our healthcare system is sick. If the disease is spiraling drug prices, how do we treat the … The post Why We’re Investing in EQRx appeared...

  • Welcome to the Bioengineering Culture Clash


    Bioengineering, once viewed primarily as an academic discipline, is growing up. Our ability to engineer biology is on the verge of changing the landscape of health and health care. Tools and treatments that are engineered, not discovered—CAR T therapies for … The post Welcome to the Bioengineering C...

  • 16 Bio Myths and Misconceptions


    Tech and biotech just don’t mix. At least that’s the conventional wisdom—which is, in part, why tech and biotech broke up in the early 2000s. Venture capital firms that housed both split their firm into two practices, or wound down … The post 16 Bio Myths and Misconceptions appeared first on Andrees...

  • Progressive Decentralization: A Playbook for Building Crypto Applications


    Crypto founders have a unique challenge in front of them. In addition to building a product that people want, they also need to consider how that product can successfully run in a decentralized manner — that is, as a protocol … The post Progressive Decentralization: A Playbook for Building Crypto Ap...

  • 16 Key Metrics for the Passion Economy


    The Passion Economy is growing by the day. From writers launching newsletters on Substack to influencers-turned-designers on Pietra, more people are taking advantage of digital platforms to make money off their unique skills. According to a study of nine digital … The post 16 Key Metrics for the Pas...

  • Why We’re Investing in Komodo Health


    “Hic sunt dracones” (Here Be Dragons) Once upon a time, early map-makers included illustrations of dragons in unexplored areas of the world to show where unknown dangers were thought to exist…or so the legend goes.  Navigating the commercial launch for … The post Why We’re Investing in Komodo Healt...

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