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  • The Next Svelte May Be Serverless-First -- Rich Harris at Svelte Summit


    Rich Harris, the creator of Svelte, lifted the curtain over the experiments that have been taking place around Svelte (the UI framework and compiler) and Sapper (Svelte’s application framework). Harris gave a glimpse of a potential future in which Svelte is a serverless-first framework. By Bruno Cou...

  • Podcast: Alois Reitbauer on Cloud Native Application Delivery, Keptn, and Observability


    In this podcast, Alois Reitbauer sat down with InfoQ podcast co-host Daniel Bryant. Topics discussed included: the goals of the CNCF app delivery SIG; how cloud native continuous delivery tooling like Keptn can help engineers scale development and release processes; and the role of culture change, t...

  • Article: SeaMonkeys - Chaos in the War Room


    Glen Ford describes his experience applying a very early form of chaos testing to naval combat systems in the Australian military in the late 1990s and draws the parallels to modern SRE. By Glen Ford

  • The Road to Jakarta EE 9


    Jakarta EE 9, the second formal release since it’s debut in 2018, is scheduled for a GA release on November 20, 2020. Originally scheduled for September 16, 2020 in conjunction with the second JakartaOne 2020 conference, delays made it necessary to push back the GA release date. Kevin Sutter, Jakart...

  • Ubuntu 20.10 Delivers Linux Desktop on Raspberry Pi


    Canonical released Ubuntu 20.10, the first Ubuntu release to feature desktop images for the Raspberry Pi. By Rags Srinivas

  • Kubermatic Announces Open Source Service Hub KubeCarrier


    Kubermatic, a German-based startup, introduced an open-source tool called KubeCarrier that automates lifecycle management of services, applications, and hardware using Kubernetes Operators. The goal of the tool is to provide scalability and repeatability to meet the organization's requirements. By A...

  • Tesla Releases Full Self-Driving Mode Beta Update


    Tesla has enabled new full-self driving features for certain customers. The new features include the ability to automatically steer the vehicle while on city streets, and Tesla plans to increase the price of the package by $2,000 in the near future. By Anthony Alford

  • 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss QCon Plus This Nov 4-20


    As software developers ourselves, we designed QCon Plus to be practical, actionable, and software-focused. This is not just another virtual conference; it's an online experience where senior software engineers, architects, and team leads connect, gather new ideas, and hear from software leaders who...

  • Article: Deno Introduction with Practical Examples


    Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript applications built with the Chromium V8 JavaScript engine and Rust, created to avoid several pain points and regrets with Node.js. Deno was originally announced in 2018 and reached 1.0 in 2020, created by the original Node.js...

  • Microsoft Introduces Azure Space to Further Push the Boundaries of Cloud Computing


    Recently Microsoft launched its Azure Space initiative as a further push of cloud computing towards space. This initiative by the public cloud vendor consists of several products and partnerships to position Azure as a critical player in the space- and satellite-related connectivity and compute part...

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