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  • JetBrains Releases Coding Typeface, Mono


    JetBrains has released a new monospaced font to increase a developer's ability to scan across lines code. The font maximizes space and clearly differentiates letters and curves to decrease unnecessary eye movement. By Erik Costlow

  • Presentation: Building a Successful Remote Culture at Scale With Strong Ownership


    Sushma Nallapeta talks about instilling ownership through delegation & goal setting and differentiating between accountability & ownership. She shares strategies and her experience at Apartment List, and talks about how they built a career ladder rubric to encourage ownership, how they creat...

  • Presentation: The Common Pitfalls of Cloud Native Software Supply Chains


    Daniel Shapira talks about some of the common security vulnerabilities found in cloud-native environments, and why it is important to take security measures immediately to protect instances in the cloud. By Daniel Shapira

  • Nuxt 2.11.0 Released


    Nuxt.js, a Vue.js framework, recently released version 2.11.0 to provide better control over the removal of non-client or non-server code in third-party dependencies. Nuxt 2.11 also adds flexibility with conditional statements supporting the run-time evaluation of application templates. By Swanand K...

  • Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes Moves Into General Availability


    Elastic recently moved Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) into GA. Originally announced as an alpha release in May 2019, Elastic is looking to support the growing number of users leveraging Kubernetes for deploying ElasticSearch. This release includes support for many of Elastic's core features and c...

  • Q&A on Okteto: A Tool to Develop Applications in Kubernetes


    Okteto is an open-source tool that runs locally to synchronize application code changes to a running pod in a local or remote Kubernetes cluster. There's no need to commit, build, and push a container image to start testing an application. Developers can continue using their existing IDE, debuggers,...

  • Article: Q&A on the Book Testing Business Ideas


    The book Testing Business Ideas by David Bland and Alex Osterwalder provides experiments that can be used to find out if your product ideas are desirable, viable and feasible. Experimentation also helps to reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of success of new venture or business projects. By...

  • Microsoft Patches Severe Crypto32.dll Vulnerability


    Microsoft has released patches for various versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 and 2016 to fix a severe vulnerability affecting system validation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) certificates. This vulnerability enables an attacker to spoof the validity of a certificate chain and sign...

  • Uber's Synthetic Training Data Speeds Up Deep Learning by 9x


    Uber AI Labs has developed an algorithm called Generative Teaching Networks (GTN) that produces synthetic training data for neural networks which allows the networks to be trained faster than when using real data. Using this synthetic data, Uber sped up its neural architecture search (NAS) deep-lear...

  • Presentation: Architectures Panel


    How do big operators differ from smaller disruptors? The panelists examine the different architectures that power these systems. By Justin Ryan, Anvita Pandit, Ben Sigelman, Robert Zuber, Thierry Cruanes

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