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  • Presentation: The Complexity Toolkit: Techniques for Navigating Uncertainty


    Marcus Williams, Simon Lawrence use Cynefin as a lens to discuss how techniques including Hypothesis-Driven Development and The Mikado Method can help teams navigate the domain of complexity. By Marcus Williams, Simon Lawrence

  • Presentation: Chaos Engineering for People Systems


    Dave Rensin shares his experiences building stronger systems, teams, and companies at Google over the last 5 years. By Dave Rensin

  • Presentation: Coding the Future Coders


    Angie Jones shares ways to give the joy of coding to others; techniques on how to expose kids to complex topics such as ML, mobile dev, game design, and web animation with hands-on exercises. By Angie Jones

  • Dart 2.6 Goes Native on Linux, Windows, and MacOS


    The latest version of Google programming language Dart, numbered 2.6, extends support for native, ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation with the addition of dart2native, which enables the creation of command-line programs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. By Sergio De Simone

  • Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions: Chris Gillum at QCon San Francisco


    Chris Gillum, principal engineering manager at Microsoft, presented at QCon San Francisco on Serverless Programming Models in Azure Functions. In his presentation, he discussed two stateful programming models, workflow and actors on Azure Functions - Microsoft’s implementation of serverless compute....

  • Podcast: Bryan Liles on Making Kubernetes Easier for Developers, the CNCF, and “Serverless”


    In this podcast, Daniel Bryant sat down with Bryan Liles, senior staff engineer at VMware. Topics covered included: the challenges with deploying applications into Kubernetes, using the open source Octant tool to increase a user’s understanding of Kubernetes clusters, and how “serverless” technologi...

  • Delta – a Data Synchronization and Enrichment Platform by Netflix


    Large systems often utilize numerous data stores. There is sometimes a need to keep some of these data stores in sync, and to enrich data in a store by calling external services. To address these needs, Netflix has created Delta, an eventual consistent, event-driven data synchronization and enrichme...

  • Presentation: How I Tried Holacracy and Lived to Tell the Tale


    Sandy Mamoli shares from her successes and failures in her team’s quest to create a self-organizing organization, what worked and what didn’t. By Sandy Mamoli

  • Secrets at Planet-Scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS


    At QCon San Francisco 2019, Anvita Pandit, senior developer at Google, explained Google’s Internal Key Management System (KMS), which supports various Google services. This internal KMS not only manages the generation, distribution and rotation of cryptographic keys, but also handles other secret da...

  • The Current and Future Landscape of AI and VR


    Cognitive technologies like AI and VR are here to stay, claimed Dr Susie Harding at Women in Tech Dublin 2019. We engage with AI constantly nowadays; it’s all around us, in ways we couldn’t imagine even five years ago. VR technologies haven’t breached the tech wall yet, but they will become more tac...

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