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  • Amazon Introduces a New Feature for ElastiCache for Redis: Global Datastore


    Recently Amazon announced Global Datastore, a new feature of Amazon ElastiCache for Redis that provides fully managed, fast, reliable and secure cross-region replication. By Steef-Jan Wiggers

  • Google's MediaPipe Machine Learning Framework Web-Enabled with WebAssembly


    Google recently presented MediaPipe graphs for browsers, enabled by WebAssembly and accelerated by the XNNPack ML Inference Library. As previously demonstrated on mobile (Android, iOS), MediaPipe graphs allow developers to build and run machine-learning (ML) pipelines, to achieve complex tasks. By B...

  • Git 2.26 Makes Protocol Version 2 the Default


    Introduced in Git 2.18, Git wire protocol version 2 is now used by default in Git latest version, 2.26. Git 2.26 also improves configuration option handling and sparse-checkouts, among other things. By Sergio De Simone

  • Presentation: Big Data Legal Issues. GDPR and Contracts


    Anton Tarasiuk discusses the legal issues that can be encountered when dealing with Big Data, GDPR and contracts. By Anton Tarasiuk

  • Presentation: Better Continuous Testing in DevOps


    Rod Cope discusses a continuous testing approach that fits into the DevOps pipeline, providing a formula for mobile app testing. By Rod Cope

  • Presentation: Quantum Computing Deep Dive


    Johnny Hooyberghs introduces Quantum Computing, explaining why it matters, what is a qubit and superposition, what is IBM and Microsoft doing in this area, and what are some of the algorithms used. By Johnny Hooyberghs

  • Podcast: Joe Duffy on Infrastructure as Code, Pulumi, and Multi-Cloud


    In this podcast, Daniel Bryant sat down with Joe Duffy, founder and CEO at Pulumi, and discussed several infrastructure-themed topics: the evolution of infrastructure as code (IaC), the way in which the open source Pulumi framework allows engineers to write IaC using general purpose programming lang...

  • Article: What’s Next in DevOps?


    The DevOps movement continues to grow and gain influence in the IT world and the business world at large. As the organisations become increasingly digital, the agility of our IT systems becomes critical to the life and health of the companies. By Andrew Davis

  • Facebook Introduces Rome Experimental JavaScript Toolchain


    Rome is an experimental JavaScript toolchain created by Babel and yarn creator Sebastian McKenzie and the React Native team at Facebook. Rome includes a compiler, linter, formatter, bundler, and testing framework, aiming to be "a comprehensive tool for anything related to the processing of JavaScrip...

  • Presentation: Playful Leadership: The Art and Science of Emotions


    Portia Tung explores the role of emotions and how they are made, showing the way towards authentic leadership through greater emotional intelligence. By Portia Tung

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